At hghgear.com , order above USD 1.500 are considered as "Wholesale" and apply for a discount of 5 t0 15 % over total automatically.

Are you a big dealer?

For bigger orders send us an email to wholesale@hghgear.com to get a quote and a complete list of products, please contact our sales department

All packages are shipped in discreet and safe manner from European Union (priority mail, EMS courier, GLS courier). Please note that the prices shown are base wholesale prices - we offer extra discounts for wholesale partners according to volume of sales. Do not forget is the difference between wholesale and large orders and they have special rules! Wholesale have special price list and large orders have special discounts.

Why is it worth to use our drop shipping service and sell steroids securely?

We are currently serving the needs for some online resellers in USA and UK. Also serious athletes (bodybuilders, powerlifters, wrestlers, etc.) and fitness coaches meet their regular personal needs. Several antiaging and Hormone replacement cliniks buy for their patients.

Tell us your order give us the name and adress lets make the shipping. So get it to the door step without any problem. Why do you carry the sizing problem. You just do your usual profit as usual. It is simple way how to sell gear securely and make good money. Pls get in touch with whlosale.hghgear.com for dropshipping price list and terms.

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