Omnitrope 30iu (10 mg)

Omnitrope 30iu (10 mg)
Manufacturer : Sandoz - Austria
Substance : Somatropin for Injection
Strength : 1 Cardridge 10 mg (30 IU)/1.5 ml
Somatropin for Injection10 mg Penfill cartridges 30 iu

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Omnitrope 30iu (10 mg)

Manufacturer: Sandoz - Austria
Substance: Somatropin for Injection
Pack : 1 Cardridge 10 mg (30 IU)/1.5 ml

Omnitrope HGH is a recombinant [somatropin rDNA origin] human growth hormone manufactured by Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, US. It is mainly prescribed to children with growth failure due to growth hormone deficiency (GHD) and elderly patients for anti-aging purposes.

It is an FDA-approved easy-to-use product, Omnitrope comes, either at 1.5ml/5mg (15iu), or 1.5ml/10mg (30iu) cartridges, and an administration pen.