Modiwake 100 mg 30 Tab- Modional

Modiwake 100 mg 30 Tab- Modional
Manufacturer : Generica
Substance : Modafinil
Strength : 100 mg 30 Tab
Modafinil - Modional100 mg 30 Tab

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Modiwake 2100 mg 30 Tab- Modional

Manufacturer : Generica
Substance : Modafinil - Modional
Pack : Each box contains 30 tablets. Each tablet contains 100 mg Modafini

Modafinil is a nootropic drug that has various uses in the treatment of sleep issues. Narcolepsy, shift work disorder and obstructive sleep apnea are few of the disorders that can be treated with this medication. Along with it, this nootropic helps one to get sharper memory and increased cognitive ability. People dealing with narcolepsy finds it extremely difficult to stay awake in the daytime as they can’t get enough sleep in the night. This is the same thing with the sufferers’ of shift work disorder as they cannot stay awake during the shift timings. However consuming modafinil 100 mg is the best remedy to get rid of these issues. Consuming this tablet in the morning and before an hour prior to shift works for narcolepsy and shift work disorder respectively. Officially Modafinil is used to treat chronic daytime sleepiness. Meanwhile, an entire generation of students and entrepreneuers are certifying its off-label use as the most efficient artificial cognitive enhancement method known to mankind.